Jim Henderson's Black & Gold Breakdown: Saints vs. Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys are out to make a statement on Sunday night. The New Orleans Saints are out to make an affirmation.

The Cowboys' statement would accompany and result in a Dallas victory:  "After losing to the 49ers badly at home and then going on the road to defeat the Titans and the Rams, we want to show we can beat a good team in the Saints - a team that we have seen a lot but haven't beaten a lot recently. A team that laid an embarrassing 49-17 thumping on us in New Orleans last November, making it eight wins in their last nine games with us.

"We want to show we can do it on Sunday night football where we have lost two straight. We want to show the Saints and the football world that we are ready to rise above the .500 level of mediocrity that has defined the Jason Garrett era.

"We are 2 and 1 for the fourth straight season and have fallen in the fourth game the last three years to start another .500 campaign with a .500 record through the season's first four games.

"We intend to put the ball in the hands of running back Demarco Murray, who leads the NFL in carries and yards early, often and successfully. 'Feed the stud' as they might say on the ranch."

The Saints, meanwhile, want to reaffirm their superiority when it comes to talent level in general and at quarterback in particular.

Last week, the Rams' third-string quarterback - undrafted USM product Austin Davis - torched the Dallas defense for 327 yards and three touchdowns.  Davis will never be confused with Drew Brees.

And the Cowboys' secondary will never be mistaken for the Seahawks'.

No one expects the Saints' level of dominance of a year ago to be perpetuated. Saints fans do expect an affirmation in victory that the recent dominance in the history of this rivalry will be.

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