Baggage handlers booked on theft charges; allegedly stole from bags at Louis Armstrong

Romalice Honeycutt (L); Neishel Santana (C); and Derrin James (R)
Romalice Honeycutt (L); Neishel Santana (C); and Derrin James (R)

Three baggage handlers were arrested on Thursday in connection with the theft of guns and electronics from checked bags at Louis Armstrong International Airport, police say.

Jefferson Parish sheriffs arrested Derrin James, 19, Romalice Honeycutt, 23, and Neishel Santana, 22, on Thursday in connection with a number of thefts from flights departing Louis Armstrong.

Officers first received information from authorities in Dallas, Texas that an Apple MacBook computer was stolen from an American Airlines passenger. The flight originated in New Orleans.

Authorities were notified that the computer was pawned to a shop in Jefferson Parish.

Police say that the computer was recovered from a pawn shop on Airline Drive in Metairie. Detectives learned that the computer was pawned to the shop by Neishel Santana. Officers say a background check revealed that Santana was employed by Envoy Air Inc., a baggage handling company contracted by American Airlines at Louis Armstrong.

A warrant was issued for her arrest. Santana was arrested while working at the airport, allegedly admitting that the computer was taken from inside a piece of luggage being loaded on an American Airlines flight.

Santana told police that two others had taken firearms and other items from luggage leaving Louis Armstrong. Police say she identified Derrin James and Romalice Honeycutt. Both were taken into custody Thursday for their alleged involvement in the thefts.

Police say both were uncooperative and refused to provide information to investigators.

Santana allowed officers to search her vehicle. Detectives say they recovered two iPads, two laptops, a GoPro camera and several other electronic items. Police say that a Kindle notepad was also found in her vehicle that was reported as stolen in January.

Santana admitted to knowing the items in her vehicle were stolen, according to investigators.

She was booked on one count each of theft and possession of stolen property.

Derrin James was booked on two counts of theft of a firearm. Romalice Honeycutt was booked with being principal to theft of a firearm.

Police say the investigation is ongoing. Anyone with information on the incident is asked to contact Crime Stoppers at (504) 364-5300.

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