Judge finds probable cause to hold teens accused of killing pizza delivery driver

An Orleans Parish Juvenile Court judge has found probable cause to hold two teenagers in jail for murder and armed robbery.

Rendell Brown and Shane Hughes, both 16, were in juvenile court Friday afternoon for a detention hearing.

They are accused of killing a pizza delivery driver in Mid-City early Monday morning. New Orleans police said data from ankle monitoring bracelets put both suspects at the murder scene.

A Domino's Pizza representative said the victim Richard Yaeger, 35, had less than $20 on him when he was gunned down after a delivery.

Police say data from one of the teen's ankle bracelet also puts him at the scene of another violent carjacking on Newcomb Boulevard that happened Saturday.

The Orleans parish sheriff's office confirmed it was handling the monitoring of one of the teens. Deputies received alerts that the teen had left his restricted area Saturday night and Sunday night, but rules prevented them from immediately picking up the teen. A judge must grant permission for deputies to arrest a juvenile defender.

Both teenagers each face a first-degree murder charge.

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