Teens accused in pizza delivery murder will be tried as adults

Rendell Brown, 16 (Source: OPP)
Rendell Brown, 16 (Source: OPP)
Shane Hughes, 16 (Source: OPP)
Shane Hughes, 16 (Source: OPP)

The teen suspects in the murder of a pizza delivery driver were transferred Friday to Orleans Parish Prison after a Juvenile Court Judge found probable cause to hold them.

The mothers of suspects, Rendell Brown and Shane Hughes, both 16, sat behind them in court, listening as NOPD detectives laid out two cases - one involving murder and the other a beating and carjacking on Newcomb Boulevard.

Brown and Hughes are accused of killing 35-year-old Richard Yeager, whom police say sustained more than 10 gunshot wounds and died on the scene early Monday morning at St. Louis and N. Dupre. His car was also stolen and later recovered.

A homicide detective testified that Hughes told investigators he watched the shooting. The detective testified that Hughes also told them he was on the scene of the homicide with Rendell Brown and Brown's younger brother, but Brown's brother has not been arrested.

Both Brown and Hughes were wearing ankle monitors at the time.

The detective said Brown, who was being monitored by the Orleans Parish Sheriff's Office, broke curfew twice over the past weekend. The other time was 24 hours before Yeager's murder, when detectives said Brown and Hughes beat and carjacked a woman on Newcomb Boulevard. The 50-year-old victim sustained an eye fracture, a broken nose, chipped teeth and bruises.

Detectives believe Brown was the gunman who beat the victim and then stole her car, while Hughes and another suspect fled the scene. Authorities referenced surveillance video from the scene that they say clearly shows both Brown and Hughes wearing ankle monitors.

As for the armed robbery, the judge found probable cause and set bond at $250,000 for each suspect.

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