Who dat howl they gonna beat dem Saints?

Marty O tries to get his dogs to 'sing.' (FOX 8 Photo)
Marty O tries to get his dogs to 'sing.' (FOX 8 Photo)

When you hear about a trio of dogs that can sing the national anthem before a Saints game, you have to check it out. But sometime the players just are not up for the game.

Friday morning was quiet on a Kenner street, but inside one house, rehearsals were underway for when the Saints kickoff against the Dallas Cowboys.

This performance had gone to the dogs.

"Two years ago in the middle of the season, the Saints were playing and the game was on. I had had a few, the national anthem came on and I started singing. The next thing I know (my dogs) jumped up and started in," local actor Marty O said. "And I could almost understand them."

A game day tradition was born. But as the camera's own prime time lens, aimed squarely at the dogs to get a sneak preview of their national anthem performance, the dogs refused to thrown a bone.

They stubbornly stayed silent, despite Marty's dogged efforts. He pleaded and begged like a pup looking for Beggin Strip.

Marty tried his best to get the dogs to howl, but for nay. He was getting hoarse.

"I guess so. If you'd been singing with these dogs for three or four hours you would be hoarse too," Marty O exclaimed. "Maybe when the Saints games is on we'll invite you guys over for a little food and refreshments and maybe they'll be in the mood. Maybe they'll bring us good luck and go Saintsgo," he said.

We can only hope this sleepy performance is not a premonition of this week's outcome, doggone it.

Marty O says he plans to capture the dogs anthem performance this Sunday just before kickoff with his cell phone. Maybe that performance will be the treat fans are looking for.

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