Trending: Skydiver spins out of control; double-trouble in the kitchen

Source: YouTube
Source: YouTube

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Skydiver spins out of control

A horrifying moment in the air turned into a harrowing rescue.

Instructors steady the budding daredevil as the jump begins, holding him horizontal with his stomach pointing toward the earth.

As soon as the instructors let go, the novice skydiver spins out of control as he plummets toward the earth with his back to the ground.

Luckily, an instructor manages to catch the skydiver, place him belly to the earth and quickly deploys his parachute. The skydiver landed safely on the ground.

Double-trouble in the kitchen

And these twins wreak havoc in the kitchen.

Breakfast takes twice as long to prepare in the kitchen with these little guys around.

These twins are the newest viral sensation.

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