Drivers beware: Construction set to begin along another Uptown avenue

Large tree-trimming trucks along Louisiana Avenue between South Claiborne Avenue and Constance Street are making way for the much larger trucks to come when another major drainage project begins.

For drivers, it means, getting around town is about to be even more difficult.

"It already takes a lot longer to get through this city," said Jessica Barker.

Construction along Louisiana Avenue will be the latest offshoot of the SELA drainage project to lessen flooding during storms.

"Essentially we were authorized after the May 95' storm that flooded the greater New Orleans area. Congress said we need to act quickly and get some money in the ground to solve our flooding losses," said Project Manager Lori Wingate.

The project was delayed, in part, because of Hurricane Katrina.

The Army Corps is now directing drainage projects already under construction along Napoleon and Jefferson avenues Uptown.

"I mean, parking is difficult. Getting to your home is difficult, but we are so happy that the whole street is getting done," said Carol Burk.

Some say it's the price of progress, while others aren't so happy about it.

"I'm not ok with delays. I'm already stuck in delays by my house at Claiborne and Carrollton," said Gary Stergiades.

Now there's a worry that the construction on Napoleon will interfere with Carnival parades this season.

"Most of the parades do line-up from Tchoupitoulas and Napoleon, so that's going to be a problem," said Ann Byerly.

"We'll have the streets open, so the parades will be able to pass. We will have a couple of neutral grounds blocked off for safety and fencing," said Wingate.

The project along Napoleon won't be complete until 2016. The project on Louisiana will begin Wednesday, and the Corps say that project will be complete by the end of 2018.

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