Trending: Driver ramps drawbridge; coach tackles interruption

Source: YouTube
Source: YouTube

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Driver ramps drawbridge

The driver of this car in Croatia may have watched too many action movies. Or maybe the driver was simply unaware that the bridge was elevated.

A small car drives past the operator of this drawbridge. The bridge rises, but that doesn't stop the driver. Video surveillance captures the scene.

The driver seems uninjured as the car smacks bumper-first on the other side of the bridge. The car continues on its way as if nothing has happened.

OSU's strength coach tackles interruption

Perhaps the biggest tackle of Ohio State's Saturday matchup against the University of Cincinnati came from the university's strength and conditioning coach.

When an onlooker runs out on the field, Anthony Schlegel is there to take him down. Schlegel is a former OSU linebacker.

His tackle has drawn mixed reactions online. Some criticize Schlegel's tackle as he is not a security official.

Many, however, praise him for his quick action. The video has brought the coach quite the Internet following.

Raccoon and dog have play date

And it might be the cutest thing you have seen all day.

This dog and raccoon are best friends.

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