Louisiana makes preparations to fight potential Ebola

BATON ROUGE, LA (WVUE) - Governor Bobby Jindal held a meeting of Unified Command Group Wednesday at the Governor's Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness to get an update from state agencies and ensure the state is prepared if a case of Ebola were to be present in Louisiana.

"First and foremost, it's important to note that there are no known cases of Ebola in Louisiana. However, if there ever were a case in our state, Louisiana is prepared. For the last several weeks, the state has been working to ready Louisiana's public health and medical infrastructure, including procedures for emergency medical workers, hospital physicians and regional emergency response coordinators. While we certainly hope that we never have an Ebola case in Louisiana, we are committed to ensuring that our health care system and our emergency responders stand ready and prepared," said Jindal.

The Governor said that state agencies have taken the following precautions:

Department of Health and Hospitals

• Distributed information to health care providers in the state, including criteria for suspecting Ebola, how to report suspected cases, how to consult with DHH or seek lab testing, and what symptoms to watch for.

• DHH recently assessed its hospital bed availability to ensure the state has the proper infectious disease treatment capabilities and that the proper facilities are ready should a case of the virus present in Louisiana.
• Engaging directly with hospital CEOs across the state through the Louisiana Hospital Association to ensure hospitals have received and are following CDC guidance and protocols related to Ebola.
• DHH is also meeting with EMS and hospital regional coordinators to specifically discuss plans for responding to a potential Ebola case.
• Information on the signs and symptoms of Ebola was distributed to 911 operators and coroners to inform them on how to handle possible patients. The information was also sent to specific groups who may be more likely to have visitors from West Africa.
• Staying in frequent contact with CDC and federal officials on Ebola developments.


• Sharing disease information with hospitals and local parish emergency managers throughout Louisiana.
• Closely monitoring the confirmed Ebola case in Texas and the ongoing international medical efforts to fight the virus.
• Hosting a series of informational conference calls with local emergency managers and review safety protocol with state and local emergency officials.
• Working with Coast Guard to ensure protocol is in place to identify and contain an incoming sailor or traveler who presents with symptoms at a port or on board a vessel.

Dept. of Children and Families

• DCFS has 7,500 critical transportation needs shelter beds and 200 medical special needs shelter beds available upon activation.
• DCFS will communicate guidelines and recommendations provided by DHH on communicable disease safety measures to foster families, licensed care facilities and others DCFS has contact with.
• Have resources on hand, including cots, blankets, pillows, hygiene kits, MREs, and bottles of water in the event the resources are needed for the state's response.

Louisiana National Guard

• Medical lab teams with portable equipment are on standby to help identify the virus and test lab samples if necessary.
• Medical treatment tech teams are on standby to administer care if necessary.
• Bio-hazard resources are in place for medical triage if necessary.

Louisiana Dept. of Education

• Working to circulate guidance advising school districts and teachers of Ebola virus symptoms.
• Sending parent communication home to all families describing the symptoms of Ebola with contact information for local health agencies.
• Communicating with city/parish health officials about students showing any signs of the symptoms.
• Schools should contact LDOE regarding any student instances that are of concern.

Dept. of Transportation

• Working with airports to ensure protocol is in place to identify and contain an incoming traveler who presents with symptoms.

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