A country music star will shake up hearts at Endymion

Country star Luke Bryan
Country star Luke Bryan

You may fall in love with the Krewe of Endymion all over again this Carnival season. The parade rolls on Valentine's Day with a theme of "Fantastic Voyages," and the grand marshal this year will make a lot of ladies swoon.
"His album is more popular to women than the men, and it's Valentines Day," said Captain Ed Muniz.

Endymion welcomes country superstar Luke Bryan.

"He really wants to be part of Mardi Gras. He's always heard about it, and now he wants to witness it," Muniz said.

Witnessing one of Carnival's famed Super Krewes is an experience. Muniz started Endymion in 1967 as a little parade in Gentilly. The parade is more elaborate each year. Henri Schindler is the artistic director.

"Our theme is fantastic voyages and covers themes from mythology, history and literature. It's a magnificent parade," he said.

From Cleopatra's entry into Rome to Cortez Conquers Mexico, the floats tell stories. The nine-car Pontchartrain Beach beach float was a surprise in 2013, and now an interactive experience is the next big thing for 2015.

Cameras will be placed on both sides of floats capturing people smiling and partying. Then  those images will show up on big screens on the side of a new float at the end of the parade. It's called E-TV.

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