Curtis puts undefeated season on the line against St. Aug

RIVER RIDGE, LA (WVUE) - The John Curtis Patriots will put their undefeated season on the line against St. Aug, the last team to beat Curtis.

Curtis notched their 26th state championship in the Superdome last December in convincing fashion with a 32-0 blowout over University High. New season for the patriots, same result. No. 1 one in the state in class 3A, and running through some big-time opponents. Curtis has dispatched with Mandeville, Lufkin, East St. John and Karr. All match ups getting the Patriots primed for another state title run.

"The big thing is to be able to match up and play against those kinds of teams," said Coast J.T. Curtis. "I think sometimes what happens when you're not careful is, sometimes it might take a half to adjust to the speed or the physicality of the game. So we've always liked to play good teams. We've always liked to play the best teams we can find. Certainly you take the risk of getting beat, but you know you're going to be in a highly competitive game that's going to help your players rise to the occasion when it really counts in the state playoffs."

Curtis is currently riding a five-game win streak. Their last loss was against a Leonard Fournette-led St. Aug Purple Knights, their opponent Saturday night (Oct. 4).

"I much rather him in that other purple and gold," Curtis said. "It looks a lot better to me now then that other purple and gold last year at this time. His brother is back. I think he was injured. I'm sure he'll be ready for our game. Of course, Morgan at receiver is a big-time guy. Gonna create problems for whoever he plays against. Their young quarterback is playing well. They have a lot of weapons."

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