Rivalry game a welcome distraction from teacher sex case

Hahnville at Destrehan (Source: Instagram)
Hahnville at Destrehan (Source: Instagram)

Destrehan against Hahnville is the game football fans in St. Charles Parish look forward to every year.

"We know a lot of students from Destrehan, we know a lot of students from Hahnville, so we're eagerly ready for this to begin," said Hahnville parent  Lacy Williams.

This year's match-up couldn't come soon enough for parents like Williams, bringing the attention back to the field after a week where the focus was on what investigators said happen outside the classrooms of Destrehan High School. Police arrested two teachers accused of having sex with a student. Shelley Dufresne, 32, and Rachel Respess, 24, both face charges, including carnal knowledge of the juvenile.

Parents talked to their kids about the arrests.

"A lot of the boys are high-fiving each other, or saying 'why did you tell?' or 'who told?' or whatever the situation may be, but the moral factor of it, I don't think it's right," Williams said.

"I just told my son," said Hahnville parent Tamesia Preston. Last night we talked about it, and I told him, 'well, if anything happened, just come to me or go to your counselor go to the police officer that's at school."

As Kenner Police and the St. Charles Parish Sheriff's Office continue their investigations, Danielle Kenner hopes students can get their minds back on school and sports.

"Destrehan done took a hit two years back-to-back with some kind of drama, so yeah, we're trying to just come root them on and make them know we got their back," said Kenner. "We support them whatever is going on."

At the half, Destrehan led 3-0.

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