After Further Review: Not easy getting a read on Saints

The Saints got the win on Sunday. And that's a good thing. Going into the bye week 2-3 is a whole lot better than 1-4.

But still, I'm struggling to get a firm read on this team.

Part of me thinks they're on the verge of taking off and becoming the preseason Super Bowl favorite we thought they'd be. This may be the most dominant running game Coach Payton has ever had and this is the same defensive line that had forty-plus sacks last year. They've shown how dynamic they CAN be, maybe they can rediscover the magic up front. Plus, they still have Sean Payton as their head coach and Drew Brees as their quarterback. Regardless of their recent struggles, history has shown just how successful that duo can be. And if you really break down the first five games of the season they are truly a play or two away from being 4-1.

However, the skeptic in me is concerned.

As much as I think this team is talented enough to click and get on a roll, I also think a complete collapse can happen as well.

The defense played better Sunday but is still struggling with missed tackles. That defensive line is not playing to their capabilities.  The decision-making of Brees at times is baffling. And until they prove otherwise, they cannot seem to get over the hump in any place other than the Mercedes Benz Superdome. The Saints will play five more road games this season and are about to enter the 'tough' part of their schedule.

Thus, it's best to wait and see, with much more guarded expectations.

The past has shown that this group can do big things. But the present hasn't given us much of an indication of what this team is truly capable of.

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