Saints fans celebrate close win against the Bucs

Sheer exuberance. That's how best to describe the mood of Saints fans outside the Mercedes-Benz Superdome as the team beat the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in overtime.

Fan Wendy Kilburn says, "You know, they're at home and they pulled it off and that's what we expected right?".

While thrilled with the win, many say this game was way too close for comfort.

"They made my nerves bad," said Joshua Metoyer.

Lawrence Matthews adds, "The Saints are a way better team than they are. For us to be going like this, no, no, no."

Charlie Gusman says, "If they don't quit doing this to me, I'm gonna have to get a cardiologist, bring him to the game."

Harold Cheneau thinks a bye week next week might provide the opportunity to fine tune some problem areas. "I really think they need to work on throwing the ball past 20 yards and making receptions because it seems like that's where we're dropping it," said Cheneau.

Others say they have full confidence the team will work out any issues, to continue racking up the W's this season. "You gotta be a Saints fan to believe in them. If you believe in the heart, we can do it baby," said Reginald Taylor.

The Saints will be back in action Sunday October 19th in Detroit against the Lions.

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