Jim Henderson Commentary: Saints over the Bucs

It was "upset Saturday" in college football followed by "comeback Sunday" in the NFL. Teams overcoming double-digit deficits to win included the Browns, who overcame a 25-point Titan lead in Tennessee for the biggest road comeback in NFL history, the Panthers, Giants, Bills, and of course the Saints.

Despite their 2 and 3 record, the saints are looking up at just a single team in the NFC South - the 3 and 2 Panthers. As the Saints rest this week before returning to go to Detroit, the Panthers go to Cincinnati and Green Bay the next two weeks. Carolina won't get their week off until their season is 11 weeks old.

After that two-game road trip, the Panthers will host Seattle and then the Saints on the last Thursday of October. Who's to say what will be at stake on October 30. But it promises to be far more meaningful for the Saints than it would have been if New Orleans hadn't shown the resolve to over-come an 11-point fourth quarter deficit yesterday.

Before they host the Saints, the lions go to Minnesota, hopeful that Calvin Johnson and Reggie Bush can overcome ankle injuries that knocked them out of yesterday's loss to the Bills. Detroit couldn't score a single point after their departures.

Of course, the Saints have their own injury concerns, and concerns elsewhere that have caused all of us to wonder - exactly who are the 2014 New Orleans Saints?

The 1 and 3 start shook the faith of fans everywhere. But with two-thirds of the season to be played, there's plenty of time and opportunity to make up for that start in a seemingly wide open NFC South.

Like each game, this season will probably be won by whoever can finish strong. Yesterday the Saints did, giving us far greater hope in the weeks remaining that they can.

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