Hit-and-run leaves 11-year-old in critical condition, 9-year-old injured

Nine-year-old Heaven Gilmore is recovering at home after someone hit her and her 11-year-old cousin as they crossed the street Sunday afternoon.

"We went to the store and we bought all these different kinds of snacks. We ate them and we decided to go back to the store because we had some more money," Heaven said.

The two girls went back for sunflower seeds at the NOLA Village Market on St. Claude Avenue where E.J. Said was working the cash register.

"They were kind of sweet, and they walked out of the store. All I could hear were the brakes," Said said.

"The little girls looked at each other, like to say, it was OK to cross. They took off running," said April Adams, who was stopped at the red light on St. Claude Avenue.

Adams said she saw speeding car drive around her and make the turn onto Tupelo.

"The man hit them. He hit the shoulder of the road right as they were in front of the car," Adams said.

"My big cousin saw it and she yelled for me," Heaven said. "Then I looked back, and that's when I saw the purple red car, and that's when she was trying to run for me to hold me back, but it was too late."

Heaven said her cousin had grabbed her hand, and stepped in front of her when they were both hit.

"The car hit her more than me, and that's how I flew," Heaven said. "I guess I hit my face on the sidewalk, and that's when I got this big bump on my eye."

After being hit, Heaven said she got up from the ground dizzy and stumbled over to her cousin.

"I got to my cousin and I kept yelling, 'mommy, mommy,'" said Heaven.

Police said the driver took off.

"That's still babies," said Adams. "They have they're whole life ahead of them. I don't see how someone could just hit them and go."

Police are still looking for the driver. Anyone with information is asked to call Crimestoppers at (504) 822-1111.

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