Needles and vaccines spell peace of mind during flu season

FOX 8 photo
FOX 8 photo

Don't be surprised if a group of health professionals shows up at your office with needles and vaccines. It happened at FOX 8, where dozens of people got flu shots - the best way to guard against the nasty winter virus.

"I'm getting a flu shot because I work in the public every single day, and you never know where you're going to go and who you're going to be around. Once you've had the flu and have been sidelined by it,  you don't want to get it again," said Bernel Davis, a FOX 8 photographer.

Pharmacist Brindisha Bowman talks about how bad the flu can be.

"The flu is a contagious disease. You have fever, chills, headaches and vomiting that will make you sick, unable to work or go to school," she said.

Bowman came to FOX 8 with a team and all the necessary supplies. She says when you get the vaccine, you're getting a version of the flu that is does not contain the live virus.

"It's a very small dose introducing your body to the flu, so it knows how to fight it off," she said.

Bowman said if you're nervous about the shot, it's ok to take  some anti-inflammatory medication  or vitamin C beforehand to build up your resistance. She says the peak season for the flu is between October and May.

Requests for shots are becoming more frequent. FOX 8 employee Chris Finch was quick to offer his arm.

"I've had the flu before," he said. "You can't walk, and you're bedridden."

The pharmacist says there is plenty of vaccine for those wanting to be safe rather than sick and sorry.

"There are thousands of vials, millions of vials. There's enough to go around," she said.

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