JPSO snipers aim to curb wild boar population

JPSO snipers aim to curb wild boar population

Snipers with the Jefferson Parish Sheriff's office are taking aim at the wild pigs tearing up the West Bank Levees.

The Jefferson Parish Sheriff's office is working to fight the growing population of wild boars by sending out snipers to hunt the hogs two nights a week in Jean Lafitte National Park.

Wild boards are tearing up the levee in search of food, causing $4,000 in damages on average every time, according to levee officials.

Susan Maclay, President of the Southeast Louisiana Flood Protection Authority-West, said that taking care of the problem safely and humanely are key concerns.

“We want to gain control of the problem of damage to our levees since we can't get this to stop, we want to do so in a way that keeps the public safe and we want to solve in the problem in an as humane way as possible,” Maclay said.

According to Sheriff Newell Normand, snipers can't eliminate the problem, but they can greatly reduce the number of hogs.

“Our sniper teams will be the ones conducting this operation at night using .308 caliber rifles with a suppressor, night-vision equipment that we have standard within the organization in order to try and help manage this species,” Normand said.

The SFLPA budgeted $25,000 for the program, which the Sheriff's Office says is enough to hunt twice a week for about a year. After that year, both sides will meet to reassess and decide what needs to be done next.

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