State education superintendent gives schools guidance on Ebola

State education superintendent gives schools guidance on Ebola

(WVUE) - Louisiana public schools now have written guidance from the state on Ebola.

In a newsletter from State Education Superintendent John White, there is information for all public schools on the killer virus that has claimed one life in the United States and thousands in West Africa. A link within the newsletter takes readers to a colorful flyer loaded with information on Ebola. Schools will disseminate it widely, including to the families of students.

"We will be sending the flyer out to all of the schools, the teachers, and principals. We've already sent it out to the nurses, the school nurses," said Alida Wyler, a registered nurse who directs the Jefferson Parish School District's health services.

She said the schools are prepared in other ways, too.

"We're preparing for any kind of communicable disease that may come up. We have gloves in the schools, we have thermometers that are non-contact that are infrared," said Wyler.

Parent Amber Marks, of Harvey, welcomed the information the schools are providing. She has two children in JP public schools.

"To be aware of what's out there and what can harm our children is always great to know," said Marks.

Dino Wells is also the parent of a public school student.

"I want the protection of my kids, my neighbors' children, and everybody children," said Wells.

News that patient Thomas Eric Duncan died Wednesday after being diagnosed with Ebola in Texas has raised local concerns.

"Like the gentleman, rest in peace, that passed away yesterday, I know that sparked a big debate by him passing and everything that's going on in Texas, but we're close to Texas, so who knows what comes," said Wells.

"As us being parents it is our responsibility to look out for things like this and protect our little ones," continued Marks.

And some parents said the information they will be receiving from the schools will come in handy as they try to explain the Ebola epidemic to their children.

"They do have questions, and I'm sure they would ask us, and for us to be knowledgeable about it and be able to discuss that with them I think that's always a plus," said Marks.

There are no Ebola cases in Louisiana, but flu season is upon us.

"I think the key point is that the transmission needs to be halted, so that if a student is sick not to send them to school, keep them home to make sure that they're not sick before you send them to school if it's suspicious," said Wyler.

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