Despite verbal commitment to Nebraska, Bussey offers keep coming

Despite verbal commitment to Nebraska, Bussey offers keep coming

On the prep scene, the Newman Greenies are a perfect 6-0, and senior running back Kendall Bussey continues to shine.

Bussey's stock has exploded in the last few weeks with offers from Southern Cal, Notre Dame, and most recently, Texas A&M. The greenie speedster has accounted for 19 touchdowns, and now is on the most-wanted list of many Big-5 conference schools.

"You watch these teams growing up, and you're like, one day I want to be on one of those teams," Bussey said. "When it actually comes true, those coaches you admire or players you admire reach out and want you on their team - that's a great feeling.

"We kind of told some people," said Newman head coach Nelson Stewart. "You're dealing with a young man that last year was 189 pounds, now he's over 200. All of that muscle. He's faster, he's stronger, benches 360, squats 450. He has a year under his belt as a running back, and it's really all come together for him. Obviously, the offers are going to keep coming. We're just trying to tell him like we do the team, you can dream big but focus on what we're doing as a team."

Bussey is a verbal commitment to Nebraska, but with all these offers, it might be hard not to make a change. Stewart has counseled the likes of Odell Beckham Jr. in the past, and he's giving the same advice to his latest star.

"First and foremost, we hope a kid honors his verbal commitment," Stewart said. I think it's happening all across the country - kids are committing earlier and earlier. I know where I was at 17, and your mind can change, things can shift. I also think it's okay to review in your mind and go through the process. It's okay to look at every opportunity. It should reaffirm the decision you already made. His father played in the NFL. He knows how the process goes.

"It's crazy," Bussey said. "Once I committed to Nebraska, I kind of thought it would settle down, I'd pretty much be done. It's been the complete opposite. A lot of big-time teams have come and offered, and that surprised me because I didn't think that would happen."

National signing day is Feb. 4, 2015.