Mother & daughter robbed at Uptown home

Mother & daughter robbed at Uptown home

A 61- year-old woman was forced into her daughter's Uptown home and robbed. The NOPD says it happened Friday morning in the 1200 block of Dufossat Street.

NOPD Interim Chief Michael Harrison calls it a brazen act and one which he hopes will bring together residents in the area.

On a quiet Uptown street just a block and a half from Prytania, police say a man armed with a gun surprised the victim as she walked toward her daughter's house. He forced his way into the home and stole jewelry and money from the mother and daughter before running off.

Resident Parker Sternbergh, who lives just a block away says, "I think we've got a crime problem in this city that is not under control."

"We're sorry that people are victimized but we're working hard to correct that and change that in our city," said NOPD Interim Chief Michael Harrison.

Sternbergh says, "My children walk around here and stuff, so we're just having to be a lot more careful now."

Something Sternbergh does take comfort in is the fact that she and her neighbors all look out for one another. Law enforcement agencies across the country are heavily promoting that idea this week, during National Night Out Against Crime.

At a kick-off party in Kenner Sunday afternoon, Kenner Police Chief Michael Glaser explained why saying, "The residents know their neighborhood better than anybody else and when something's out of place, the resident can call us and we can come investigate it."

On Dufossat Street, resident Toto Robinson thinks a newly formed neighborhood association will do it's part to try to find out what happened. He says the neighborhood group is something everyone needs to be a part of. "We need to be more vigilant as a neighborhood. I think we're just starting," said Robinson.

Harrison says the more people that take a stand together against crime, the better. "When people decide they want to come together as a community and then there's a good flow of information to and from the community to the police department, that's when we can work together to solve those crimes and then prevent them more in the future," said Harrison.

Police haven't made any arrests in the Dufossat Street armed robbery and haven't released a description of the suspect.

National Night Out Against Crime events will take place all week long, across the country. Here at home, residents are asked to keep their porch lights on, and some neighborhoods are hosting parties for homeowners to get a chance to meet local law enforcement.

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