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Trending: A train dance party and a tricky onside kick

Source: YouTube (Peter Sharp) Source: YouTube (Peter Sharp)

While you were sleeping, the Internet never stopped. Here's what's trending today.

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Dolphin plays catch

A toddler playing catch with a dolphin may be one of the cutest things you will see all day. The young boy and a dolphin toss a rubber ball back and forth. 

The dolphin actually catches the ball in his mouth and lightly tosses back. 

Random train dance party

That's one way to break the ice.

Peter Sharp is on a mission to spread a bit of happiness. 

To brighten the morning of commuters in Australia, Sharp starts a dance party on a Perth train. 

Commuters join in on the fun.

A tricky onside kick

A Hebron, Texas high school football team gets creative with an onside kick.

Ten players bunch together in the middle of the field drawing in the defense. The eleventh player sits by the sideline, unnoticed by the returning team.

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