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Trending: 5-year-old proposes to pop star; sea lion tosses fisherman

Source: Instagram (ddlovato) Source: Instagram (ddlovato)
Source: YouTube (Canaliza) Source: YouTube (Canaliza)

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5-year-old proposes to Demi Lovato

There's cute, and then there's adorable.

Demi Lovato got engaged to a love-struck 5-year-old during a concert in Moline, Illinois.

A sign landed Grant on stage. The 5-year-old proceeded to get down on one knee and ask the ‘Neon Lights' singer to marry him.

Of course, she said yes as Grant placed a ring on her finger.

Lovato is not shy about her new relationship, posting the news to Instagram.

Acrobatic subway performers

A New York City subway is center stage for a couple of acrobatic performers.

Two men brighten a subway ride for commuters on a train to Chinatown.

Fisherman tossed by massive sea lion

A massive sea lion accidentally caught in fishing nets grabs a fisherman by the sleeve and tosses him across the deck.

The Russian video began circulating on the internet Tuesday and identifies the mammal as a steller sea lion.

After cutting the mammal free, fishermen give the sea lion plenty of space. Unfortunately, a dog gets a bit too close to the animal and is nipped by sea lion.

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