Nicondra: Another gorgeous day on tap

Nicondra: Another gorgeous day on tap

Another fantastic day in our stretch of dry and sunny weather. Humidity remains low and temperatures pleasant as we get ready for Saints' Sunday watch parties. Look for temperatures to start in the 60's on the south shore and 50's on the north shore with plenty of sunshine. Some early morning fog may develop, but should lift early in the day with so much sunshine. A couple of fronts are actually pushing through the area, but with little to no moisture to work with. We will not see any rain developing inland and might just see a shower or two off shore.

Mostly sunny and dry weather will stick around through the entire week and even as we look ahead to the next front it doesn't look like much of a chance for rain there either. That front will push in at the end of the week and serve to keep the comfortable dry air around.

Several models indicate a closed low will develop near the Yucatan and possibly become tropical, but anything that does develop should push east towards Florida and stay well south of us.

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- Meteorologist Nicondra Norwood