18-wheeler damages French Quarter home

18-wheeler damages French Quarter home

At six o'clock Sunday morning, Levy Easterly woke up to headlights shining through his window.

An 18-wheeler making the turn from Chartres to Barracks Street ended up knocking down a stop sign and crushing the porch of Easterly's 124-year-old home.

At least once a year, I'll have to stop what I'm doing," said Easterly. "Tell them to stop, and help them get out because they'll go down to the next street and try to turn."

Easterly says this isn't the first time it's happened this year. Back in February, another truck smashed into the light post at the same corner. A tangled mass of wires covered up with cement blocks are all that's left of that accident.

"Since it's been gone, it gets dark around here," said Easterly.

Nadine Kujawa lives nearby; she says it happens more often than you think. Buses and semi-trucks, too big for the quarter's narrow streets, barrel through, getting stuck and damaging historic homes and buildings.

"This shouldn't be something a resident should have to say, 'oh, there's another truck stuck on the neighbor's porch,'" said Kujawa.

Residents say there aren't enough warning signs around the French Quarter; they want more and they want the signs to be clear.

"You need a lot signs," said Kujawa, "They're not small, they're not big. People miss these things. There's just no excuse. It keeps getting worse, and worse, and worse."

As for Levy Easterly, he's desperately hoping this time is the last time he'll have to deal with this problem.

"Make it stop," said Easterly. "Please make it stop."

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