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St. Bernard council considers shifting hiring, salary powers from Dave Peralta

The St. Bernard council considers shifting hiring and pay-raise powers from President Dave Peralta.

Two key ordinances will be up for discussion Tuesday. They would shift hiring and salary decisions to the council.

The measures would give council members power to approve new hires and pay raises, thus limiting Parish President Dave Peralta's powers in these areas.

Last month, a St. Tammany Parish grand jury indicted him on a felony stalking charge.

In April, he was charged with sexual battery by a grand jury in St. Bernard. Allegations in both cases come from Peralta's now-ex wife.

Council Chair Guy McInnis says these ordinances are needed because of budget concerns and that they are not solely a response to Peralta's legal issues.

However, McInnis says the problems are having an effect on the parish.

"We we feel that his ability to lead the parish has been diminished, but the more we get into this, the more we realize that he's got an issue that he's got to take care of,” said McInnis. “There are so many positive things that the council has ideas for redevelopment of our parish."

If the measures pass, council would then get approval power for hiring and raises with a two-thirds vote.

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