Operation Clean Sweep works to bring fugitives to justice

Operation Clean Sweep works to bring fugitives to justice

Not even a day in, and three names are already checked off the "Operation Clean Sweep" list.

"The Marshals are out in full force for the next few days," said Darlene Cusanza with Crimestoppers. "They always are, but particularly this morning, doing an unbelievable job."

Crimestoppers is working with the U.S. Marshal Service and other local agencies to bring fifty fugitives in the Metro New Orleans area to justice. They range in age and crimes.

"The focus of this is violent crimes, sexual offenders and failure to register as a sex offender and we'll be working these cases until they're done," said Doug Farrell, Deputy Chief of U.S. Marshal Service.

Law enforcement says there are already extra boots on the ground, but public help is crucial.

"We're trying to get the public engaged get some help on where these people are and get some information," said Farrell. "Go through our Crimestoppers partner where you remain anonymous."

"It could be a nickname or places they like to frequent," said Cusanza. "Anything can be helpful to pin them to their patterns. Once we have the pattern it's much easier for them to make an arrest."

Crime Stoppers offers a $1000 cash reward for any tip that leads to the capture of a fugitive on their list.

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