Jim Henderson's Commentary: Saints pound the Packers

Jim Henderson's Commentary: Saints pound the Packers

Without exception, nothing feels better in sports than redemption. And as a Saints fan, it was an exceptionally good Sunday all day and much of the night.

It began with the Falcons blowing one in London and concluded with the Saints blowing out the Packers in the Dome. In between there were losses by the Panthers and Bucs. All three division foes losing on the last play of the game.

Can't finish, huh? Feel our pain. Because Saints fans feel none today.

The Bucs, Panthers and Falcons all losing at home. Even though the Falcons were in London, it was technically a home game for them. London wants an NFL team? "So do we," say Falcon fans. "Please keep ours, losers of six in a row."

The Bucs haven't won at home all season. The Saints haven't lost in theirs. The nighttime is the "fright time" for visitors taking on the Saints. Last night it was the Packers' turn. They were beaten by a truly masterful Saints performance - out-played in every way, out-coached as well.

With all the offensive talent at your disposal, Mike McCarthy, you really want to split out linebacker Julius Peppers on second and goal from the three, throw him the ball, and have him drop a certain touchdown pass? There's a spot open at this year's Zach Strief receivers camp, and you're invited.

Rodgers is sacked on the next play, and a probable seven becomes a reluctant three - the first of three red zone failures in four opportunities for the Pack.

You really want to try a surprise on-sides kick in the first quarter? That's usually an admission that you don't think you can stop your opponent's offense all night. Sound thinking, perhaps, because you couldn't. Faulty execution though. Saints football leading to a game-tying Shane Graham field goal.

A game knotted at half-time became a rout by its end, thanks to a dissection of the Packers that was as clinical as anything prime time television has to offer.

Welcome to the late start of the TV season of NCIS: New Orleans. Newly confident in Saints. We'd like to order nine more episodes.

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