Despite dangerous drivers, some say Lafourche traffic control is sparse

Despite dangerous drivers, some say Lafourche traffic control is sparse

LAFOURCHE PARISH, LA (WVUE) - Lafourche parish wants to reduce the number of accidents on their roadway – particularly on a stretch of Highway 308 - but they say the state is holding them back.

Kathy Lafort knows firsthand how dangerous the state highways by her home can be.

"My husband had a cousin die on the back highway by Frank's Supermarket," she said. "They don't stop, they just fly by. I've seen three really bad accidents."

And those accidents and fatalities are what the Lafourche Parish Council wants to prevent. A few months back, they put in a request to the Department of Transportation and Development to lower the speed limit along Highway 308 and put in more stop lights. Councilman Daniel Lorraine said their request was denied. The DOTD told him a study shows the area doesn't need any changes.

"We can never meet the criteria of what it takes to put in a light," he said.

It's problem throughout the parish. Lorraine said those studies are "one size fits all," and the more traffic, the more likely you'll get funding to put in lights and signs.

"It's hard to compete with Jefferson and Orleans," Lorraine said. "There's no way roads like 3235 [are] gonna compete with the west bank."

Other drivers on the road say those changes are needed. Cars and trucks don't always follow the rules.

"They need speed bumps in the streets," said resident Rosa Adams. "That's where they fly - in the streets where they have little children."

"No one really slows down," said resident Casey Johns. "They go way over the speed limit, they pass up the red lights. They have a lot of traffic right here."

According to the Louisiana Highway Safety Commission, this year there have already been 15 fatal crashes on state highways in Lafourche. Last year there were a total of 21.

"They don't care, they'll pass you right here by the highway," Lafort said. "I've had to pull over three times off the highway before getting hit head-on."

Council members said they're not giving up. Right now, they're talking with state representatives to see if they can help.

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