Clash of the District 9-4A Titans

Clash of the District 9-4A Titans

Tonight at Behrman Stadium it's a clash of the District 9-4A titans. Landry-Walker, ranked #3 in the state, welcomes Warren Easton, who's currently #5 in the state for class 4A.

"Extremely excited. This has been brewing for sometime since the summer with seven-on-seven games," said Landry-Walker coach Emmanuel Powell. "So for us to play a game of this magnitude, this late in the season, with the ramifications of a district championship, we're extremely excited about it."

Warren Easton sports one of the best offenses in the state. At quarterback, Deshawn Capers-Smith, #1 receiver in the country in Tyron Johnson. A tough task defending, but Landry-Walker is ready.

"Always excited when you get to go the best against best," said Powell. "It's always one of the things where we consider ourselves the best, and they consider themselves one of the best. It's always excitement there. We didn't take a different approach, it's the approach we usre for every game. It's the same way at this particular point. Don't get too high or too low."

The hype surrounding this heavyweight matchup has been building all week, and coach Powell thinks his charging-Bucs have handled the bright lights smoothly so far.

"Being able to self-control and try to hold on to all the positive things we've done all season," he said. "Friday night we come out and not do anything differently as a football team. It's a lot of talk, a lot of counseling going around in the background."

Hopefully all that will help Friday night at 7 p.m.

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