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Nicondra: Freeze warning issued for north shore

As the first really cold air of the season settles in we ended up with a very chilly Saturday. Spots on the north shore saw temperatures in the upper 30's to start the day. The brisk northerly winds finally started to die down during the day as the strong upper low pushed east. Tonight the less brisk winds, cold dry air and clear skies prompt the National Weather Service to issue a freeze warning for the north shore particularly because this is the first brush with 32-degrees this season. Just a few locations will reach the freeze mark for about an hour around sunrise. It's no major freeze, but a good time to start getting ready for the approaching winter. The little taste of cold air will rapidly warm up starting Sunday afternoon. Monday temperatures bounce back into the 70's for highs with 80 plus again before the end of the week.

- Nicondra Norwood

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