Suspected Bourbon St. shooter faces new charge from jail fight

Suspected Bourbon St. shooter faces new charge from jail fight

Attorney Martin Regan left Criminal District Court confident. He said he is happy that a tentative Dec. 1 trial date has been set for his client, alleged Bourbon Street shooter Trung Le.

"We're preparing to go forward with this trial. We're working with the clear video that shows an unknown individual pulling a gun and pointing it at the kids that were on the street first," Regan said.

Regan insists Le was only acting in self-defense when he opened fire on Bourbon Street back on June 29.

Nine people were shot and Brittany Thomas, 21, died from her injuries.

Le is charged with manslaughter and attempted second degree murder.

"There's a 30 page police report. In that report there are dozens of notations and names and addresses that are blocked out. So, I don't have the opportunity to interview these witnesses that are out there and it's unfortunate," Regan said.

Prosecutors said, by law, they can redact witnesses' and victims' names from a police report and said Regan can file a motion to have those names revealed, if he would like.

Regan plans to file that motion.

In the meantime, Le picked up another charge in jail for fighting murder suspect, Blair Taylor.

Taylor is locked up for allegedly committing a drive-by shooting in the Ninth Ward that killed two people and left five others wounded.

"My client is being verbally abused in the jail. Because of this case, he's been threatened. Yes, he got into a fight and there is no doubt that he threw some punches," Regan said.

Le is booked with simple battery for the fight and also has a broken hand. In court Monday, he pleaded not guilty.

Prosecutors said that, by his own admission, Le punched Taylor so many times that he broke his own hand.

"That matter is a misdemeanor, and we'll handle that right after the trial in the murder case," Regan said.

Regan asked to have Le transferred to the St. Charles Parish Prison, claiming his safety is at risk.

The judge is ordering Sheriff Marlin Gusman to decide if a transfer is necessary.

Le remains locked up on a $250,000 bond.

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