Attorney wants accused Bourbon St. shooter transferred after jail fight

Attorney wants accused Bourbon St. shooter transferred after jail fight

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - Alleged Bourbon Street shooter Trung Le picked up another charge while waiting for his case to move forward. Le is accused of a fight that police said broke out inside of Orleans Parish Prison.

He is accused of fighting Blair Taylor. Taylor is the suspect in a drive-by shooting in the Ninth Ward that left two people dead and five others hurt back in August.

Le was booked with simple battery for the fight and also has a broken hand. He pleaded not guilty in court Monday (Nov. 3).

Prosecutors said that by his own admission, Le punched Taylor so many times that he broke his own hand.

"My client is being verbally abused in the jail. Because of this case he has been threatened," attorney Martin Regan said. "Yes, he got into a fight and there is no doubt he threw some punches, there's no doubt about that and that's what the report says. When you consider what he's been charged with and the publicity at this point, it is very difficult for him to safe in this jail. I moved to have him transferred St. Charles Parish."

The judge ordered Orleans Parish Sheriff Marlin Gusman to decide if a transfer is necessary.

Le is accused in the Bourbon Street shooting back in June that left nine people hurt. Brittany Thomas, 21, died of her injuries.

Le is charged with manslaughter and attempted second-degree murder. Regan, though, insists Le is innocent and acted in self-defense when he opened fire on that night.

A tentative trial date has been set for Dec. 1. Le remains locked up on a $250,000.

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