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Pizza drivers fall victim to violent crime; Domino's addresses dangers of the job

Domino's Pizza (FOX 8 file photo) Domino's Pizza (FOX 8 file photo)

A pizza company wants a unified response after at least four delivery drivers have been victims of violent crimes in the last two months.

The attacks occurred on both sides of the river from New Orleans East to Algiers.

In September, 35-year-old Richard Yeager was killed while delivering a Domino's pizza in Mid-City. Since then, at least three other drivers were targeted by armed robbers.

Domino's Regional Operations Director Robert Tedesko says he wants to work with drivers to address the dangers of the job.

"As a community, we need to get together. We need to take back our streets, and us at Domino's Pizza, we want to cross over and talk to other business leaders and people in our industry and find ways to keep people safe while they're out there just trying to make a living," he said.

Domino's Pizza is not the only pizza chain facing issues.

On Monday night, a 28-year-old woman was delivering a pizza from Pizza Hut in the 2800 block of Freret Street when a gunman came up behind her and demanded cash.

Just one day earlier, a 66-year-old Papa John's delivery man was robbed at gunpoint in New Orleans East.

On October 21, someone pulled a knife on a 26-year-old delivery woman outside a Domino's store in Algiers.

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