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St. Tammany DA candidates prepare for runoff


The two leading candidates in the race to replace Walter Reed as St. Tammany's DA are planning strategy for a month-long fight to the runoff.

The man who came in fourth in the race has just thrown his support behind the man who came in second.

The man who came in first, Brian Trainor, is ready for the runoff.

“I think it changes the race considerably,” Trainor said. “There are now two candidates, but the message will be the same.”

Trainor, a St. Tammany chief deputy on leave, got 40 percent of the vote in the race to replace Reed, and he promises change in an office he once worked in.

“You treat it like a business,” he said. “You interview all the employees and check track records.”

But on Wednesday afternoon, Roy Burns, who polled fourth in the race, said Trainor's runoff opponent is the better choice.

“I believe this is the man who will bring about the change St. Tammany badly needs,” Burns said.

“No, it doesn't concern me,” Trainor said of the endorsement. “My message remains the same. I'm here to serve the public.”

Trainor will face former federal prosecutor Warren Montgomery in the Dec. 6 runoff.

“We've had the same basic group in here for 30 years,” Montgomery said. “It's time for change.”

Montgomery received 27 percent of the vote in the primary, and admits he's got a lot of ground to cover.

“To move forward, we need fresh air and fresh blood,” he said.

We've reached out to third-place finisher Alan Black, but so far have not heard back as to whether he plans to endorse any of his former competitors in this race.

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