Democratic Senate committee pulls pro-Landrieu ads

Democratic Senate committee pulls pro-Landrieu ads

A key Democratic committee has pulled its ads for incumbent Mary Landrieu in the U.S. Senate race.

The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee canceled all commercials it had scheduled in Louisiana television markets, according to sources. The buy probably represented a few million dollars statewide, according to a source familiar with commercial ad buys in Louisiana.

Democrats took a beating Tuesday night, losing most of the key races both parties had targeted and making moot the question of who would control the U.S. Senate.

A Louisiana Democratic source said the DSCC was "re-calibrating" and needed to look at how it could help Landrieu. The source insisted the pull back "was not a signal the Democrats are walking away from the race."

However, the cancellation could give a key advantage to Republican Bill Cassidy in the final weeks of the campaign.

One Democratic source said Landrieu's Senate colleagues have pledged help, both through their own political action committees and major donors to their campaigns.

Another key factor in fundraising will be the role of the oil and gas industry, which has stepped up for Landrieu in the past.

Some observers had already questioned whether oil and gas would continue to spend huge dollars on Landrieu, considered a key industry ally, or shift support to bolster a Republican majority.

If she were to lose the Dec. 6 runoff, Landrieu would be replaced as ranking Democrat on the Senate Energy Committee by Washington Sen. Maria Cantwell, who is considered no friend of oil and gas.

Louisiana Democrats argue Cantwell, perhaps one election cycle from the chairmanship, will be enough to motivate the industry to stick with Landrieu.

While the onslaught of commercials that viewers see in their living rooms comes from a variety of sources, the DSCC is an important source of funding.

A Landrieu ally, who spoke to anonymously, insisted "we will have the resources" needed to run a campaign.

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