Wild World of Weather: Snow, lava and a 'fireball'

Wild World of Weather: Snow, lava and a 'fireball'

A look at this week's Wild World of Weather:

Parts of Minnesota and North Dakota transformed into a winter wonderland. Some areas saw as much as three inches blanketing trees and streets. It marks the first accumulating snow of the season.

Wintry weather also strikes in Bangor, Maine. Thousands residents saw heavy snowfall with police having to respond to several accidents. There were also reports of downed trees and broken power lines. The National Weather Service says this is the first time the city has seen so much snow so early in November.

Residents in western Japan witness a brief light show in the sky Monday evening. An airport's camera captured the view. Experts believe it may have been a "fireball" meteor, a piece of asteroid that ignites upon entering the earth's atmosphere. Weather officials say the whole thing lasted for only about four seconds.

Construction crews on Hawaii's big island build an alternative road for drivers because of the threatening lava flow from a volcano. They're building it in Puna, Hawaii because of the increasing chances the lava flow will take over the district's main road. The slow moving lava has been inching closer to residential areas for weeks.

"Many of us had come to terms with it, and then it stopped," said John Hutchison. "Now, where are we at? What's going on? And so it's a huge question for the minds of many of the residents down here in the village."

Currently, no homes or roads have been damaged.

Officials assess the damage from flooding in central Peru. Heavy rain caused the banks of several rivers to overflow on Sunday, leaving at least 100 people homeless. The severe weather destroyed nearly three thousand acres of crops, and set off landslides, blocking roads with dirt and debris.

And a FOX 8 viewer sent us a picture of a sunset over Palm Lake in Slidell.

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