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Impatient behind the wheel? Avoid Magazine Street

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New construction will force drivers using Magazine Street to navigate the area with patience.

An improvement project has the eastbound lane closed from Jefferson to Napoleon avenues. Project managers recommend using Tchoupitoulas Street as an alternate route.

B Kids opened on Magazine in August, and manager Lynda Hornsby hopes to get a lot of holiday traffic in the store. The traffic outside could be a problem, though.

“A lot of people live within walking distance, which is great, but I've already had customers be like, ugh, I don't know where to park, I'm just running in real quick,” she said.

Workers on Friday prepared to close one lane of Magazine at Jefferson. The downtown-bound lane will be blocked off as crews finish installing a water line beneath the street, a project that began in October.

James Gilbert remembers the traffic backup from the last closure.

“This will back up all the way to the park, and then through the park some days because it was closed for a little while a couple weeks ago and it was pretty bad,” he said. “So if that's going to be for a whole month, then it could be a mess.”

This construction is part of the $82.6 million Uptown drainage project undertaken by the Sewerage and Water Board and the Army Corps of Engineers. When complete, the system should be able to handle a storm that drops more than 9 inches of rain in a 24-hour period.

Michael Weil says he knows the work is needed but wishes it didn't have to be done all at once.

“Do them, one at a time - or two at a time is ok too,” he said. “Not five at a time. It's just, it's just hard for people.”

The good news is, this closure on Magazine will only last about a month. But the entire drainage project Uptown will take much longer to complete.

The work on Napoleon should be finished in late 2016, and on Jefferson in 2017.

All of the construction related to the project is scheduled for completion in the spring of 2018.

Gilbert keeps reminding himself that the pains of progress are temporary.

“Just suck it up,” he said. “Grin and bear it.”

The Uptown-bound lane of Magazine Street will remain open throughout the construction.

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