Saints fans crushed by close loss to San Francisco

Saints fans crushed by close loss to San Francisco

Saints fans were less than thrilled leaving the Mercedes-Benz Superdome Sunday afternoon.

With a win against San Francisco dangling so close, the final seconds of the Saints game proved heartbreaking for Who Dats to watch.

Fan Joe Fennidy says, "I'm never normally speechless but today I'm speechless."

Another fan adds, "They stole the game from us at the end."

Not everyone feels that way, pointing to the areas where the Saints made some costly mistakes.

"Team loss, yes, it's a team loss," fan Joe Jeanjacques said.

Arthur Thompson says, "Somebody on the sidelines should've told Corey White, your man is gone over there, that was a big mistake."

The mistake allowed 49ers wide receiver Michael Crabtree to make a catch on fourth down to keep the drive going.

Fans inside the dome say they tried their best to be the 12th man on the field during the game and keep the momentum going.

"We sat there, we screamed, we hollered, we did everything we were supposed to do," Rose Defrisco explained.

But ultimately it wasn't enough to save the Saints from a loss. Fans say it feels especially hard because the Saints were able to battle back after being down by 14 points, early in the contest.

"That really hurts because it was so close. We got behind and we made it up," Arthur Thompson said.

Joe Fennidy adds, "Giving up at the last minute, it should've been in the bank."

Now the team's record stands at four and five. The future of the season may look bleak to some, but Who Dats at the game say, they'll never give up.

"Even though we've lost, we are still happy and we will win next week," Urania Wilson said.

Todd Tournillon adds, "Look, it was a tough loss but the season is still positive and we still have hope."

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