Jim Henderson's Web Chat: Saints fall to 49ers

Jim Henderson's Web Chat: Saints fall to 49ers

It was a game for the ages, but unfortunately the Saints were on the losing end of the 27-24 final to the 49ers. And according to the Voice of the Saints Jim Henderson, the better team may not have won - the more desperate team did.

"No coach or player ever wants to say this is a must-win game because then if you don't, it's easy to just collapse from there. But afterwards, that's exactly what some of the 49ers were saying, 'we knew this was a must-win game,'" Henderson said. "Sean Payton tried all week to say they were just as desperate with the same record, but all you have to do is look at the division standings to see how comfortable one team was versus the other."

And on Monday morning, the town was still buzzing about several pivotal plays, like the fourth and 10 51-yard completion from Colin Kaepernick to Michael Crabtree.

"They'll probably never tell you the X's and O's exactly who is at fault, some of the miscommunication the Saints have had in the secondary in the past," Henderson said. "I just don't know how, in that situation, Corey White just leaves this guy totally open behind him. They only had 54 yards of offense before that one 51- yard play. To me, it looks like Corey White, some say Kenny Vaccaro, but I know this - it saved the 49ers' season."

And any Saints loss, the topic of Drew Brees came up from the fan base as well, some wondering if his knack for turning the ball over is the biggest reason for the Saints' four losses by a combined nine points.

"He has cost the team a lot of potential victories this year … but again, if he rallies in the second half, then he's the hero once more. It just comes down to a couple plays," Henderson said.

But regardless of how tough the losses have been, the Saints still sit atop the NFC South standings, which Henderson believes is the sole reason why there's still a lot to play for.

"That's comforting in a way, but perhaps it's too comforting if they don't play with the same sense of urgency they should," Henderson said. They obviously came out flat against the 49ers."

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