Get ready for the cold!

Get ready for the cold!

Happy Veterans Day! It's great that the weather held out for all the outdoor events celebrating veterans. Even with the clouds temperatures feel pretty good. Most locations peaked in the upper 70s with some spots making it to 80 Tuesday afternoon. We get one more mild evening before the real dramatic drop takes over on Wednesday.

The well-advertised cold front was triggered by a big low that developed on the heels of a Pacific typhoon and forced the pool of cold air south from Alaska and Western Canada. The plunge or Arctic air is settling across the Midwest and pushing south and east. A number of areas in the northern plains saw drops of as much as 40 or 50 degrees in 24 hours.

We can expect our weather to show the effects from the front during the day Wednesday. Take coats along as we will see the cool morning lows become very cold through the afternoon. Highs will be at the start of the day with afternoon temperatures in the low 50s and possibly in the 40s. The coldest morning lows come Friday and Saturday with the potential for a widespread freeze on the north shore. You definitely need to get those coats out. If you made it through the last cold snap without one, you might not want to try it this time.

For everyone looking for rain, we don't have as good a prospect with this front. Some showers developed with the system, but coverage is not impressive. We will likely have to wait until the end of the weekend for a better shot at soaking rains with a low pressure system developing off the Texas coast. The marine forecast gets rockier with the front on Wednesday. We are likely to see small craft advisories issued.

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