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Trending: Sisters react to baby announcement; Feisty elephant fends off lions

Source: YouTube (hkbsparkle, NYPost) Source: YouTube (hkbsparkle, NYPost)
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Sisters react to baby announcement

Harleigh, 11, and Christina, 8, just found out that they are going to be big sisters.

Presented with cakes that say “big sister” and “big sister… again” the girls are overjoyed with the news.

The video has quickly gone viral, receiving over one millions views on YouTube.

Young elephant fends off 14 lions

Surrounded by 14 lions, the end seems inevitable for this young elephant.

However, the feisty elephant is able to throw a lioness from his back and escape the pride seemingly unscathed.

A confused pigeon

One of these things is not like the other.

A confused pigeon stands among a group of imitators.

Uploaded to YouTube on Sunday, the video has instantly become an online sensation.

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