Mr. Bingle: An iconic New Orleans holiday tradition

Mr. Bingle: An iconic New Orleans holiday tradition

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - Jingle, jangle, jingle - here comes Mr. Bingle.

The iconic New Orleans holiday mascot has arrived at City Park ahead of Celebration in the Oaks.

Wednesday, the park's crew assembled the fiberglass float that will be on display this holiday season at the park's Botanical Gardens.

This year, Mr. Bingle turns 66-years-old. Originating as a mascot of the Maison Blanche department store in New Orleans, Mr. Bingle is the snowman assistant to Santa Clause. Dillard's later bought the Maison Blanche chain and the Mr. Bingle trademark.

There was even a song written to celebrate the flying snowman.

Many people around town remember the snowman appearing each year around the holidays on the facade of Maison Blanche on Canal Street in New Orleans and then at Dillard's in Lakeside Shopping Center

"Seeing him in Maison Blanche where we'd go on Canal Street with my grandmother. I loved going there," resident Sandra Bentley said. "That was like our favorite store. So, everything, especially during Christmas holidays, you would want to go see Mr. Bingle. It's like seeing Santa Claus!"

He is truly a holiday tradition the park is happy to maintain.

"He's iconic to the city. He looks good for 66-years-old. I hope we all look that good. He made his appearance," said Rob DiViney, Chief Operating Officer of City Park. "We worked with Dillard's, who owned the icon, worked with them and got him in 2005 and were able to display him right after Katrina. That was a major thing for the city to wrap their arms around during the holidays and he received a facelift and tummy tuck in 2013, so he's looking good."

You can catch Mr. Bingle during Celebration in the Oaks from Nov. 28 through Jan. 3.

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