Changing the Game

Changing the Game

COVINGTON, LA (WVUE) - Meet Lane Moore, a high school teenager in love with his school. You can feel the passion he shares with his close friends.

"I got George Brewster, Isiah Carter, Josh Bickum and Cail.

Lane excels in the special education program at Covington High and wears his heart on his sleeve for his treasured Lions. His joy doesn't stop with his rendition of the fight son - when the bell rings, he takes his game to the gridiron. That's right, he's a member of the Covington football team. Lane practices with the Lions daily, and he even has his own gear.

"We had to get him his own equipment, because every other day one of the players would come in and say 'coach someone took my equipment, can't find my equipment,'" said Coach Greg Salter. "You'd look out on the field and Lane would be wearing someone else's equipment, so we had to get him his own stuff, suit him up."

And Lane doesn't just sit around at these practices either.

"I kick every practice I go to, he said. "I go on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday."

"We treat him like our brother," said Isiah Carter. "We have a great time with him. He comes in the locker room with us, and he comes and stretches with us.

Suiting up for Covington is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for Lane. He's now a football player, but to his teammates and coach, he's so much more.

"The main thing he brings is just life," Salter said. "He has a different interpretation of the world around him when he comes in. Every day he walks through the door he lights up the room. No matter how the day is going, good or bad, he's always in good spirits. He can always pick up the room and the people around him."

"It's a good experience having him on the team, Being that team he can look up to," said Carter. And he enjoys it a lot, we can tell."

At the end of every practice, Lane's parents, Kendi and Grey, are right by their son's side.

"Brings tears to my eyes knowing that he's so involved, and that they have involved him," said mom Kendi Moore. "It's awesome."

"I would have never have imagined this would've happened," said Grey Moore. "I can't say enough about the kids at this school. They have done wonders for him."

And while the team says the same about Lane, come Friday night, he leads them into battle. He's first out of the locker room and the first on the field.

"It's actually the best feeling in the world," Grey said. "Makes the hair stand up on my arms, and with the music they play, it's really awesome."

Once the action heats up on the field, Lane moves over to the cheerleaders to help with school spirit. It's a dizzying back-and-forth that keeps his mother busy in the stands.

"I'm watching the game to a certain extent, but then watching him," she said. "Because of course he's all over the field. He goes in-between the football team, and then he goes to the cheerleaders, then back to the football team. When they go in for halftime, he goes in with them, and then comes back out. Then he goes back to the cheerleaders. I watch the game, but I also make sure I watch him very closely."

Winning is what these kids fight for, and when victory is achieved, lane celebrates in his own special way.

"The best part ever, I go on that field and give them high-fives and say nice job, nice job," Lane said.

Lane turns 18 on Christmas Day. He can't drive a car, but he can operate a golf cart. He likes eating out with his parents and watching cartoons. Lane can stay at Covington High until he's 22. After he graduates, he'll step into the great unknown.

"People tell me all the time, 'Kendi you and your husband are special people.' I take that to heart," Kendi said. "Because people ask me how we do it. You just take it day by day and enjoy every day. We try to treat him as normal as possible. Yes, he has Downs, and he has special needs, and he'll never graduate from college. But as long as he can make it, and be able to possibly live on his own - he may never. We're not sure. We're proud to say Lane Moore is our son, and we love him."

And at Covington High, Lane and his teammates will keep changing the game.

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