Wild World of Weather: Lava advances in Hawaii; winter weather comes early

Wild World of Weather: Lava advances in Hawaii; winter weather comes early

(WVUE) - Lava advances in Hawaii

Lava from Hawaii's Kilauea volcano that's been advancing on a rural town for months destroys its first home. After weeks of close calls, the lava started burning a house Monday on the Big Island.

The owner of the home actually says it's a little bit of a relief.

"Our wait is kind of over," said John Byrd. "We can close the book on it because the house burned finally you know, and I wish everybody the best and as long as the Ohana, everybody stays safe, that's the main thing. Property and stuffs can all be redone."

The lava has been creeping toward the town of Pahoa since October 26.

Winter comes early

Forget fall. It already feels like winter in many places across the U.S.

The Rockies and upper Midwest region were slammed with snow and ice early this week.

Montana saw more than a foot of snow on Monday while parts of South Dakota and Wisconsin got hit with 16 inches.

Time lapse video from Raleigh, North Carolina shows fog settling over the area ahead of the Arctic blast. A very visible cold front blew through the eastern part of Colorado.

A trick for the cold

A news reporter in Montana shows just how cold it is there.

"We throw this boiling 223 degree hot water and it turns into snow. So watch. You can see that's what happens," he said.

It's not the best trick to try at home, especially if it's windy, but I don't believe that would be a problem in New Orleans.

That's a look at this week's Wild World of Weather.

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