Songy: Jesuit has 'a lot of ball to play'

Songy: Jesuit has 'a lot of ball to play'

It was only a week ago that Jesuit disposed of St. Augustine 34-20 in the final week of the regular season. Tonight they face-off once again, but this time the loser is done for the season. The district 9-5Aa foes know each other well, and playing twice in eight days only makes these matchups harder to scheme for.

"It's considerably tough," said Jesuit Coach Mark Songy. But with the way we've approached football games all year, we treat each opponent with respect, and treat each ballgame like it's the biggest game of the year. I think that lessens the effect just a little bit. We're treating today or tonight like a brand new ball game against a brand new opponent. We went back and looked at the tape last week. I'm sure they did the same thing. While we're not going to change things wholesale, there's some things I would've done differently, and we'll try to do that tonight.

Songy has been out of the game for 11 years, so tonight's game at Tad Gormley has some added significance.

"I get butterflies every week," Songy said. "But I get them right now too, because I think we got a lot of ball left to play with this team. I would hate to see it end after one week in the playoffs. I'm not ready to turn them loose. I love being around them and having fun with them. In the playoffs, though, it is one and done, so there is a chance we're one and done, but I don't want that to happen to us."

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