New Orleans East church hit again in break-in

New Orleans East church hit again in break-in

Another boarded-up window welcomed church members this Sunday morning.

"It's very distressing to think someone would come into God's house and try to steal," Deacon Romalice Claiborne said.

Early Saturday morning, someone broke into the church. It's the second time in a week that's happened, and a broken window is a sight members at Deliverance Missionary Baptist church are becoming a little too familiar with. Just last week, the church was hit in a smash-and-grab. A man got in and took off with $300 from the church office.

"They felt violated," said Pastor Jessie Magee about the church members. "Someone came into a safe haven, a sacred place of worship. The church is where they find peace from the refuge from the world."

Surveillance footage from last week shows a man with a backpack smash the front window and climb through. The man then walks towards the office and disappears off-camera. Police think the same man is responsible for this recent break-in. Security cameras caught him in the act again, this time running quickly out-of-frame.

Deacon Claiborne says the man didn't take anything Saturday, but still caused plenty of property damage when he busted a separate window. He wants other churches in the area to be aware.

"I do believe if there's an area when these things are happening someone else will see it and think they're easy prey, and let's try it also," Claiborne said.

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