After Further Review: Home mystique fading for Saints

After Further Review: Home mystique fading for Saints

Sunday's game was frustrating. Sunday's game was demoralizing. And worst of all, Sunday's game was at home.

Flat performances, even under Sean Payton, happen.  Every team in the NFL is prone to a couple games where they just don't play well.  It's just that for the Saints, we rarely see it on the Superdome turf. And we NEVER see it two games in a row here. But that has become life for the Saints in 2014. Nothing has gone according to what recent history would suggest.

Think about it. The Saints came into this season owning the Falcons, mastering the game after the bye week and of course dominating at home. They've done none of those ten games into this year. Not since their 30-17 loss to Cleveland in 2010 have the Saints looked so un-Saints-like in their home stadium.

In Sunday's 27-10 loss to the Bengals, the Saints just didn't have it. They looked unprepared, undisciplined and uninspired to play. They were physically beaten down by a team that had no business beating them down.

They looked like a team from a different era (Haslett, Jim). That identity has become a theme this season. More than any other year in the Payton era, the Saints still seem unsure about who they are.

Maybe they'll right the ship in time. I mean somehow, even at 4-6, they still are tied for the best record in the conference.

But nothing is guaranteed, even if the games are played at the Superdome.?

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