10 worst moments from sports fans

10 worst moments from sports fans

(WVUE) - Following a questionable steal at the Superdome on Sunday, we look at some of the worst moments from sports fans around the world.

Fowl play on the ice

A live chicken was thrown onto the ice in California.

Dressed in a purple uniform, the chicken was thrown onto the ice in 1988 as the Los Angeles Kings took on the Montreal Canadiens.

Couple steals ball from kid at Rangers game; kid cries

A toddler broke out in tears at the Rangers-Yankees game in 2012 after a baseball appears to be stolen by the couple next to him.

The couple, who allege they didn't see the child, proceeded to snap photos of their souvenir in front of the toddler.

Jacksonville sharks fan holds arena football player

An arena football fan sitting in the front row held back a Georgia Force football player.

The fan grabs the player's facemask and prevents his from returning the football.

Cleveland Browns 'bottlegate'

Fans in Cleveland got a little out of control back in 2001 following questionable officiating.

Referee Terry McAulay, known in Cleveland as 'the Bottlegate referee,' famously ended a game early between the Cleveland Browns and the Jacksonville Jaguars after fans threw hundreds of bottles on the field in disgust.

Fans threw the bottles following a questionable call regarding the replay of a fourth-and-one.

Fan throws live grenade on pitch

Fans threw all kinds of objects onto the pitch at an Asian Champions League match, including a live explosive.

It was a quarterfinal match between Sepahan FC (Iran) and al-Ahli SC (Saudi Arabia) in Iran.

Phillies fan runs on field; gets tased

As the Philadelphia Phillies took on the St. Louis Cardinals at Citizens Bank Park in 2010, an unruly fan took to the field.

He avoids security… until getting tased.

Goalkeeper hit by firework

Dida, an AC Milan goalkeeper, was struck by a flare during a Champions League match in 2005.

The game was halted for approximately 20 minutes and Dida was replaced. However, the game was called early after more flares continued to come from the upper level.

Fan throws fake penalty flag on field

A fake penalty flag was tossed onto the field as VA Tech took on Boston College.

The flag flew from the Boston College student section and caused an uproar from the crowd.

Montreal fans boo the National Anthem

As the Boston Bruins took on the Montreal Canadiens in the 2008 playoffs, Canadian hockey fans god a bit out of hand.

They booed the National Anthem played during the pre-game ceremonies.

Saints fan takes ball thrown to Bengals fan

After Jermaine Gresham of the Bengals scored on a 1-yard touchdown reception, Gresham walked over to the stands and tossed a ball towards Bengals fan Christa Barrett. A Saints fan sitting in the front row stepped in front of the toss and snatched the ball away from Barrett.

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