Kids say low temps bring decorating dilemmas

Kids say low temps bring decorating dilemmas

"I'm so cold it feels like I have frost bite," a cub scout declared.

"My hands are numb!" a student from St Clement of Rome yelled.

At City Park on Monday, students found it was difficult to put bows on treetops while wearing thick gloves. During the time of year when snowflakes become canvases and trees are sculptures, pipe cleaners acted as hand warmers.

"This is the only warm thing I have," the St. Clement of Rome student said while holding a bag of pipe cleaners. "I can just put my hand right here and it's warm."

Kids huddled together for body heat all to make sure their school was properly represented this holiday season at Celebration in the Oaks.

"We wanted to do a band idea, you know? Marching 100 - best band in the land," said St. Augustine High School senior class President Charles Brown.

"For this year, we decided on the theme Safe, Caring and Respect: SCR, because that's St. Clement of Rome," St. Clement of Rome student council President Ian Hanemann said.

With their Pac 740 uniforms hidden under their winter coats, each cub scout claimed he was the coldest with these statements:

  • "I think my hands are frozen."
  • "I'm so cold I have blisters on my fingers!"
  • "I think my fingertips are turning into ice cubes!"
  • "My fingers are so cold, they feel like they're just going to fall off."

Across the city, adults who were decorating on much larger scale ran into the same decorating dilemma.

"It is a little more difficult with gloves," said Rebecca Sell, marketing manager for French Quarter Festivals Inc.

For more than a decade, French Quarter Festivals Inc. has tied the bows and turned on the lights in Jackson Square for Christmas New Orleans Style.

"It's so tastefully done. Jackson Square is so beautiful, but we bring the lights and the bows just to enhance it and give it a little bit of a holiday flavor," Sell said.

No matter the temperature, the degree of holiday cheer helped Christmas Depot build the tree in Washington Artillery Park while the kids put the finishing touches on theirs at City Park.

"At least it's worth it because this is really fun. It's so fun decorating the tree and everything," one of the cub scouts said.

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